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One of the top concerns people have during divorce proceedings is that they will not be able to enjoy their future once it concludes. They may feel overwhelmed by the various legal issues surrounding the divorce.

At Aspen Legacy Planning in South Dakota, it is our mission to make certain you do not feel that way about your divorce. The truth is your future can be bright, hopeful, and happier after your divorce ends — but it might just take some careful legal representation to get there.

Our divorce law firm provides in-depth legal services in:

  • Contested and uncontested divorce
  • Child support and custody
  • Property division

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What You Should Know About Divorce in South Dakota

Every divorce process is unique because the two people getting the divorce are unique themselves. Furthermore, each state in the United States has its own rules when it comes to divorce law and family law. Whether your divorce goes through mediation or litigation, these state laws will highly inform how your divorce will proceed.

Filing for a No-Fault Divorce in South Dakota

In South Dakota, in uncontested cases and by stipulation, irreconcilable differences will serve as sufficient grounds for divorce. This means you can file for a "no-fault" divorce as long as the divorce is not contested by the ex-spouse.

However, in a contested case, a person must prove a "ground" for divorce.

Grounds for divorce in South Dakota can include:

  • Adultery
  • Extreme cruelty
  • Desertion
  • Willful neglect
  • Habitual intemperance, or drunkenness
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Long term mental illness

Ninety-eight percent of contested cases are based on the ground of extreme cruelty, as it is the ground most closely fitting the modern trend of "no-fault" divorce.

Division of Property in a South Dakota Divorce

Some states are community property states. Almost any property acquired during the marriage is considered equally owned by both spouses in a marriage. In community property states, this property is divided equally in a divorce.

South Dakota is not a community property state. This means marital property is not divided 50/50 between each spouse. Instead, both marital and separate property is divided based on equitable property distribution rules.

Equitable Property Distribution in South Dakota

Equitable property distribution rules state that any property owned by a marital couple will be divided among each person in accordance with their circumstances. This includes property owned both jointly and individually. Sometimes, the property you solely owned before the marriage can be divided, if the court determines it would be equitable or fair.

If, after your divorce, you believe your ex-spouse misrepresented their real estate property or assets, you can bring a motion to court. If the omission is proven to be intentional, you could be awarded damages. The statute of limitations to bring this motion to court is within two years of discovery, or three years of the divorce. This extends to ten years if the assets were intentionally hidden.

Alimony in South Dakota

Either spouse can seek alimony, or spousal support, in the state of South Dakota. The courts may grant temporary, short, or long term alimony at their discretion. South Dakota courts decide on awarding alimony depending on a number of factors.

Factors for awarding alimony include:

  • The ability of the requesting spouse to be self-sufficient
  • The length of the marriage
  • The age of the divorcing couple
  • Any health conditions of either spouse
  • The marital fault causing the divorce, if any

Child Custody and Child Support in South Dakota

Divorce and child custody disputes can prove contentious. Child custody determinations are usually concluded so the child can see both parents somewhat equally through a joint custody agreement. If you want sole custody of your child, then you will have to work uphill for it.

Child support is expected to be paid by both parents to a reasonable degree. The factors for child support are based on the income of both parents, the child’s needs, and the possible future earning capacity of each parent. Our legal team can help you get a clear understanding of all of these financing factors so we can work towards a fair child support agreement that takes care of your child.

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To make certain your divorce is handled correctly and your best interests are upheld, our South Dakota divorce lawyer takes the time to get to know you and your situation as to best provide personalized, caring representation.

No one is given a cookie-cutter solution or a pre-manufactured approach to their case. It is this dedication to genuine yet effective legal representation that has made us stand out for 25+ years, and we proudly continue the tradition each time we accept a new divorce case for a client.

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