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In our desire to provide timely and relevant topics of interest, I am excited to invite you to attend a special presentation on Reverse Mortgages and Your Retirement – the date of which is Wednesday, September 29th from 8:30 to 10:30 A.M. I believe that the topic of reverse mortgages is widely misunderstood and in many ways very intimidating. This presentation will help you understand the power of this strategy to your and your family’s enormous advantage.

We work with retired clients seeking more options to fund their retirement, pay off debt, or protect their assets from the Medicaid long-term care “spenddown” requirements. The reverse-mortgage strategy might provide you with advantages you have not previously imagined.

Please accept my personal invitation to you to attend this this no-obligation presentation hosted by Kelly Kelly, of Sioux Falls, and national director Harlan Accola, both with Fairway Independent Mortgage Corporation. I have had the opportunity to work with Kelly and know her as an energetic and knowledgeable professional having a passion for serving the needs of the retired members of our community. This presentation is intended for your education and introduction, no products or services will be sold at this event.

The location for this presentation is the Holiday Inn-Rapid City and a complimentary breakfast will be provided. You will find more information and venue details on the attached flyer. As discussed on the flyer, please contact Lisa here at our office to let us know that you’re attending. Our number is (605) 721-7665 by September 27th.

I hope that you will accept my invitation to attend this limited engagement for the friends and clients of Aspen Legacy Planning. I look forward to seeing you there.

Full flyer located here

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