Getting The Care You Need For Life's Transitions

Life's transitions

The elderly (and those with special needs) are vulnerable and need help.  Despite the increasing need for care, resources are scarce. At Kendrick & Co., we assist with solutions to the challenges you face in finding long-term care for a loved one. We can advocate and assist in the increasingly complex decisions by coordinating care through our network of professional caregivers: physicians, hospitals, senior care, assisted living, skilled nursing facilities, and hospice in the health care community.

Seventy percent of the population aged 65 years and older will need some form of long-term care at some point during our lives. One-in-eight of us aged 65 years and older will experience a dementia-related condition; a full 50% will once we reach age 85. Our society is experiencing a “silver tsunami” for which it is not prepared.

Our firm helps find solutions to improve the quality of life when your loved one needs long-term care such as:

  • Being in the least restrictive setting
  • Home, independent living, assisted living, adult family homes, skilled nursing facilities
  • Safety from falls, avoiding accidents
  • Being physically comfortable
  • Having appropriate adaptive equipment, having the level of intervention that one voluntarily accepts, having self- determination decisions respected
  • Not being a burden to others
  • Not becoming a victim of fraud, scams, and abuse

Proper care planning minimizes the isolation, hardships and misunderstandings, lack of support and overwhelming demands resulting from incapacity experienced by a loved one.

We design your tailored care plan to improve quality of life, reduce your own stress and anxiety about long-term care needs, and increase your control of care and assistance.

For more information about how we can help navigate the complex system of transitional care planning, contact Kendrick & Co. We are here to help you secure the most appropriate and compassionate care for your loved one.

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